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You don’t really think a Wigan manager is going to turn up with a staff do you?

Well he might, but I think it will be his playing or coaching staff that will be coming along to the Bowlathon to sign autographs and have a bowl.

We will hopefully be getting a bit of competitiveness going by getting him/them to have a game or two against some fans.

I can already hear the cogs going around in your mind….. which Wigan Manager is it?????

Well at the moment I’m not telling you, but if you keep coming back to this site and looking at Shaun-Wane-Gary-Caldwell-DW-Stadiumthe news pages, all will be revealed.

What I can tell you, is the force will be us that day, so get it in you diaries.

If you want to help out, please see the contact and donation pages (these will appear soon on the site).

There are loads of things going to be happening, things to win and of course there is a small case of some bowlers trying to knock over 250,000 pins in just 24 hours.